What are clients are saying about us...

I know that you can't always believe what a company says about itself or its service, and I don't want you to just take my word that I am the best. I can tend to be biased. But you certainly can believe what my clients have to say. At Swept Away, I have over 700 more-than-satisfied clients that would never allow any other carpet cleaning company in their home. 

Here are what just a few of them have to say about my company, my technicians, and my service. All references are available upon request.

       Joanna makes cleaning a celebration! Whether it's a home your're moving into or cleaning up the one you're living in, Joanna's goal is to help you clear and clean the energy so you will feel great. I did! I particularly appreciate Joanna's upfront advice about costs and services and simple guidance on maintenance. Joanna is great to have around, very reliable and trustworthy. My whole family relies on her with confidence. Count yourself lucky if you can get in on her schedule.

Robin Noll, Talent, Oregon                                                                                          


   Talk about a challenge! A Dental Lab means: tracks in plaster dust, melted wax, an occasional burn, plus a herd of artists in a small area. Joanna, instead of giving us up as hopeless, tackled us head on with diligence and expertise. Leaving us smelling fresh and missing quite a few stains we'd grown accustomed to navigating by. We are most pleased with her conscientious and thorough job!!

Applegate Dental Lab, Medford, Oregon                                                                                      


You did a miraculous job and brought my wool carpet back to life. You really are an expert!

Julie Norman, Ashland, Oregon


   I would rehire Swept Away because they are so efficient, easy to work with, and above all the results are outstanding!

Sarah Crumme, Ashland, Oregon


   My carpet was extremely dirty. Joanna took the time to get every spot out of the carpet. It looks like new. Spots were from dogs eating treats on the carpet. Very professional lady, pleasant too!

Ann Held, Medford, Oregon


   The carpet in the apartment, after construction and lots of wear and tear, came out looking brand new again. Joanna is easy to deal with, and very competent and cheerful. Thanks for everything- call you in a few months!

Vincent & Cathy Burrill, Ashland, Oregon


   There is no comparison to Joanna's work, versus other carpet cleaners. Joanna takes carpet cleaning to a deeper level, slowly and methodically removing old and deep dirt. Every time she cleans my carpets my house is less stale and the air becomes fresh again. In turn, I enjoy my home more, and have less problems with allergy symptoms while I'm in my house. I have had other carpet cleaners in the past, and after one week, it was as though they were never here.

   Recently I needed Joanna's help with an impossible stain, Joanna was able to remove an old, ugly, coffee stain out of a white rug in a house I have for sale. Joanna also does not stop until the job is done. She is committed to making our carpets look the very best they can look, and she will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

   We are very fortunate to have Swept Away Carpet Cleaning services here in Southern Oregon so we may fully enjoy our homes.

Maria Katsantones, Ashland, Oregon


Great, reliable and friendly service. Comforting to have a safe carpet cleaning option in the area!!

Katie Ali, Ashland, Oregon


Wow! Thanks for doing such a great job! It's nice to see the carpet, not the stains.

Jim Monaco, Medford, Oregon


   Made our old carpet look almost new.....removed stains......looks great!  Really knows what she is doing.

Rich Oliveria, Medford, Oregon


   Simply stated, Joanna does a thorough and incredibly effective job of cleaning carpets. Her work surpasses any other service we've ever had. After 7 years, our off white carpet looks fabulous, which we greatly attribute to her bi-yearly cleanings. In addition, she was able to restore our rental carpet after it was severely abused. Personable, available, dependable, Joanna runs her business with great integrity and competence.

Jane Maynard, Ashland, Oregon


   Joanna has cleaned my carpets twice now and they look fantastic. She has also given me a number of suggestions to keep them looking great and educating me about carpets in general. I love that!! Other carpet cleaners have used chemicals which I no longer want in my home.

Marta Lyons, Jacksonville, Oregon