Spot Removal Guide

The obvious key to keeping spills from becoming stains is to remove the spill as soon as possible. Caution: Natural fibers such as wool, cotton, hemp, etc. turn brown if exposed to excess amounts of water and sometimes they will turn brown with exposure to any amount of water.

Before attempting to treat a spot or stain with special chemicals, please contact me. You can be very succesful just using water, the universal solvent. You can find more specific information here, read on. Also call with any questions and I will be happy to help you. I will tell you how to best clean it yourself or I will come out and do it for you.

Steps To Spot Removal

1. Remove the spill as soon as possible through the action of blotting, DO NOT rub. Do not use heat to dry the area where the spill has occurred. Using heat to dry a spotted area can actually transform a mild spot into a stain. A spot can be cleaned, a stain is permanent.

2. Try to carefully scrape away any solids first. Then blot the area of the spill with a towel. A white towel is recommended. The goal is to not spread the spot.

3. Apply warm water to a clean white towel and flush the spot working from the outside of the spot towards the inside. This also keeps the stain from spreading. Do not get the carpet soaking wet at any time. Use the water to dilute the spot and then draw the water out with the towel.  Now, use a dry towel to absorb as much of the water as you can. Repeat this. (You can also use a flat spotting brush to strike the work area to help break up the spot).

4. When you've removed the spill as much as possible allow the area to dry thoroughly. If the spill is still visible, you can use warm water with a drop of dish detergent that has no smells or dyes. I recommend Ecover. After using this spotting solution make sure to rinse with clear water. Blot up the remaining moisture thoroughly using a clean, dry towel.

5. To dry the wet area place a dry towel over the area and press it into carpet using your hands or if you need more leverage, step down on the towel. You may place a clean, thick towel with a heavy object on top of it over night. Remove first thing in the morning and allow to air dry. Make sure the room is warm. Use a brush to re-align the pile of carpet or nap of the upholstery. Never let a spot stay wet more than 24 hours. After 72 hours the moisture can sprout mold and mildew spores.

Information For Spots And Stains

There are many people on internet providing tips for removing spots and stains, such as blood, carpet burns, candle wax, ink, etc.
Most of the information I have read on the internet is risky for the consumer to attempt by themselves, or downright wrong.
For example, removing most wax is easily accomplished, as long as it is not red or another dark color.
The problem is that if a consumer uses the incorrect heat setting on their iron the dark colored wax now has an excellent chance of becoming a permanent stain.
Now, a simple candle wax fix becomes very expensive to properly remove.

So, if you need professional attention for a spill in your home, please call Swept Away at 541-821-3664.