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How We Will Get You The Best Results

First you and I will evaluate your carpet’s needs. “Every Carpet Must Be Treated Differently” We’ll decide what will be the best approach to fix your concerns and why!. Best of all you’ll know up front what we can and can’t do! Then you’ll decide (without pressure) if we should proceed.  This way there are no surprises! I use the best products available, they are plant derived, non toxic, and biodegradable. Just so you know, I am a health nut. I only buy organic food, and have always shopped at the Ashland Food Store. I am very concerned about using products that won't affect my health. No chemical laden products for me! I have done a lot of work for people with allergies and chemical sensitivities, and my products have never set off any reactions with them. I am certain you will be pleased. I use the physical action of the cleaning wand and the very hot, pressurized water (250 degrees farenheit) to clean. (instead of chemical action of the harsh chemicals that most carpet cleaners use.)

I start with a thorough inspection of your carpeting. I can tell alot about your carpets through my inspection. I can also check your vacuum cleaner and see if it is working properly, doing or not doing the job it is intended to do. I can recommend a vacuum cleaner, and tell you about my favorite vacuum cleaner. I can give you cleaning tips, and save you money by educating you to better take care of your carpets, and I will be happy to talk you through how to clean any stains that occur after my cleaning.

Next I do a very thorough vacuuming. Most carpet cleaners skip this step or if they do it at all, they use their wand, which just doesn't cut it when it comes to vacuuming. Dry soils in your carpets need to be removed to get the most benefit from your carpet cleaning service. 80% of the soil in your carpeting is dry soil. If I clean without removing this soil, I am doing you a disservice. WHY? Because the surface tension in the fibers. When you have a lot of dry soil, you increase surface tension and this won't allow the proper flow of the water through the face fibers, and therefore won't remove all soil adhered to the carpet fibers. The dry soil absorbs alot of water and gets heavier, and now I am working against gravity to remove those dry soils. Half of them go deeper, and only about half of them will be light enough to be removed. The carpet tools are designed to removed adhered soils, and heavy dry soils at the bottom of the fibers. So, proper vacuuming with a properly working vacuum cleaner which has a beater bar will remove the majority of these dry soils.

Then I treat any tough spots. I match what I use with they type of soiling involved. This is a science in and of itself. You have to know what works and what doesn't. I use only non-toxic cleaners and never any solvents of any kinds. If I need to use a stronger solution, I inform you ahead of time, and let you make the decision of whether or not you want the spot, or the stronger solution.

I prespray every square inch of your carpeting. This insures all soil removal. I believe that soil does not have to be visible to be there. I clean for health's sake and I include all of the carpet within the area that I am cleaning. Many carpet cleaners, give you very low price, and are only cleaning the middle of your carpets. They move quickly and are out of your home before you know what happened. I can't even do a proper vacuuming in the time a regular carpet cleaner is out the door. The prespray that I use is made by BioKleen, a product you can find in the Ashland Community Food Store. This product is very safe, and it is also approved by the IICRC. This product will not void your carpet manufacturer's warranty. I have been using this product for over 10 years, and non of the products that I use have ever caused anyone's allergies to act up or to set off their chemical sensitivities. I have to work a little harder using this product instead of a harsh chemical, and therefore I am cleaning by the mechanical action of the wand and the flushing of the hot water through your carpet fibers. This is much better for your health, as I do not add to the toxic load in your indoor air.

Now I rake, and I rake every square inch that I presprayed. Raking agitates the fibers, and loosens any embedded dirt that vacuuming may have missed. This is a very important step. One that most carpet cleaners will often skip. I find that all the prep work that I do gives me incredible results. The prep work makes a huge difference.

At this point in the cleaning proceedure, I start with the hot water extraction. I am very systematic and I go over each stroke with the wand from between 3 to 6 times. Whatever it takes to not see anymore dirt pulling out. Then I move over only half the width of my tool or less, this means that each area is cleaned at least two complete rounds. With a dirtier carpet I move over only an inch or so, meaning that carpet gets four or more rounds. That is my trick. Elbow grease. I have state of the art equipment that pulls out over 98% of all water used in cleaning, and I can leave your carpets almost dry. 

See what it means to really have your carpets cleaned. Give Sweeping Beauty Carpet Cleaning a try. You'll be glad you did.

Plus, I have all my tricks for those stubborn spots, which I go after at this point. Be assured that I do everything I can to remove a stubborn stain. Do they all come out? Sadly, not all, but most people are surprised what I can get out. I often get out a stain that other carpet cleaners have left behind, telling them that it will never come out.


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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaners vary on the the service they offer and the value they provide. Many cleaners skip the required steps to properly clean carpet.

Every step in our cleaning process is designed to provide value and the most thorough cleaning possible. When we leave your home your carpet will be smelling fresh and neutrally pH balanced for a healthy living environment.

10-Step Cleaning Process

1. Pre-Inspection:

We walk with the client through the home, wearing yellow glasses and utilizing a black light, to reveal hidden stains and other trouble areas. Many people have seen a black light used on a popular TV crime drama. This is a fun tool to use!

2. Carpet Audit:

We provide our customers with a Free thorough evaluation of your carpets condition. We cover several areas, including: Wear, Carpet Health, and Carpet Age.

3. Vacuum:

We utilize proper vacuuming techniques to thoroughly vacuum the areas I will be cleaning. This is an important step in carpet cleaning that most other cleaners skip.

4. Furniture Moving:

We are able to move light furniture, such as sofas, chairs, and tables. We do not move large dressers, china cabinets, electronic equipment, pianos, etc. Please remove all valuables, breakables, and knick-knacks on/in furniture we are moving or working around.

5. Pre-Condition:

We pre-spray the heavy traffic areas and the spots the black light revealed.

6. Pre-Groom:

We agitate the pre-spray spotting solution to promote the absorption of the pre-spray and to begin the break down of the spots.

7. Clean Carpet:

We extract the dirt in your carpet using a rotary machine that makes 250 passes per minute over each area of your carpet.

As the machine makes each pass three water jets and three vacuum heads thoroughly rinse the carpet, removing all soil and residue.

A clear tube mounted inline of the vacuum hose shows the water and dirt being removed. When the water turns from brown to white then we know the carpet is clean.

We use a fiber rinse that restores the pH level in your carpet back to neutral. When we finish your carpet has the pH level of distilled water!

8. Post-Spot Treatment:

After cleaning we look over the cleaned areas and post treat spots that were not removed during the cleaning process.  

9. Post-Grooming:

We groom your carpet to set the pile for faster drying and more beautiful looking carpet.

10. Post-Inspection:

We walk with you to inspect your carpet.

Risk Free Offer

Try My Risk Free Offer!(For first time customers only)

I will clean up to a 100 square foot of your carpet Free!* This is a $40.00 value.

 For trying my service I will also provide:

If you would like to receive exceptional carpet cleaning, please call me so we can discuss your cleaning needs.